Bakersfield Boxers & Bullies is immensely grateful for our dedicated fosters. They provide essential care and support to our rescued dogs, making their journey to forever homes possible. Our fosters play a vital role in our mission's success, ensuring these dogs receive the love and care they need before adoption. We deeply appreciate their commitment and compassion.


Our transport missions, veterinary care, and foster supplies are entirely reliant on the generosity of donors. Bakersfield Boxers & Bullies began with a commitment to rescue 10 dogs, but that initial promise has since grown to encompass 40 dogs, and now we rescue over 100 dogs each year!


Choosing to adopt a dog over buying one provides a loving home to a dog in need, reduces overpopulation in shelters, and promotes responsible pet ownership. It's a compassionate choice that makes a positive impact on both the dog and its new owner.

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Bakersfield Boxers & Bullies prioritizes transparency, integrity, and ethical effectiveness in all our endeavors. We maintain open lines of communication with our dedicated volunteers, adopters, fosters, and generous donors, ensuring they are well-informed about our ongoing missions and our commitment to helping dogs affected by natural disasters, climate change, and the canine overpopulation crisis.



Transparency is a core value at Bakersfield Boxers & Bullies. We maintain an open dialogue with our team of volunteers, adopters, fosters, and donors, keeping them informed about our ongoing rescue missions and the well-being of our dogs. Through our collective efforts and unwavering commitment, we ethically and effectively rescue dogs from the challenges posed by natural disasters, climate change, the canine overpopulation crisis, and other critical situations. Our decision-making is guided by integrity and morality.

As a foster-based rescue organization, we do not operate a physical shelter, which allows us to minimize overhead costs and allocate our financial resources more efficiently to support these dogs.

At Bakersfield Boxers & Bullies, we do not employ paid staff; instead, we rely on independent contractors to manage various departments and programs.

As a registered charitable organization, we are exempt from federal taxation, ensuring that donations are utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible to aid animals facing adversity.


Are Pit Bulls and Boxers good family pets?

Yes, both Pit Bulls and Boxers can make wonderful family pets. They are known for their loyalty, affection, and protective instincts. However, like any breed, proper socialization and training are essential to ensure they are well-behaved and comfortable around children and other animals.

Do you adopt out Pit Bulls and Boxers to anyone, or is there a specific adoption process?

We have a specific adoption process to ensure the best match between our dogs and their forever families. This process typically includes an application, a home visit, and an interview to assess compatibility. We aim to find loving, responsible homes that can meet the unique needs of these breeds.

Are Pit Bulls and Boxers aggressive breeds?

No, Pit Bulls and Boxers are not inherently aggressive breeds. Like all dogs, their behavior is influenced by their upbringing, socialization, and training. These breeds are known for their loyalty and can be great companions when raised in loving and responsible environments.

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