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Adopting a dog offers numerous compelling benefits. Firstly, it allows you to save a life by providing a loving home to a homeless pet, directly contributing to reducing overcrowding and euthanasia in shelters. Dogs, known for their loyalty and unconditional love, bring immense joy, companionship, and even health benefits, as studies show they can improve physical and mental well-being. The act of adoption supports animal welfare and encourages responsible pet ownership while addressing the issue of pet overpopulation. Shelters and rescues offer a wide variety of dogs, making it easy to find a perfect match for your lifestyle. With lower adoption fees and many dogs coming spayed/neutered and vaccinated, it's a cost-effective choice. Adopted dogs often come with basic training, fostering a fulfilling bonding experience. Providing a stable and loving home not only gives you a sense of purpose but also strengthens your community by supporting local rescue efforts. Plus, by adopting, you pay it forward by opening shelter space for another dog in need, perpetuating the cycle of compassion and rescue. In summary, adopting a dog is a deeply rewarding decision that brings joy to your life while making a meaningful impact on animal welfare.

Adoptable Dogs

We appreciate your interest in adopting from our Adoption Center! Please browse through the list of dogs available for adoption below. If our team believes that you and the dog you've applied for are a suitable match, you can expect to hear from us within a week with further details about our adoption process. Thank you once again for your interest in adopting, and we are enthusiastic about assisting you in finding your perfect match!

These dogs are available for adoption


We don’t know if it was her mommy or her daddy that she got this coat from, but she’s the

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Murphy is a husky/shepherd mix with all the personality! He’s three years old, neutered, and hilarious. He is dog “friendly”,

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Oh how we love this boy! Mac is about 6 years old, 75 lbs of pure love, very sweet and

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Here is how our adoption procedure works:

Application: Begin by filling out a comprehensive adoption application, providing details about your living situation, lifestyle, and preferences.

Phone Interview: Expect a thorough phone interview to discuss your suitability and commitment to pet ownership. Share your experiences, expectations, and the environment you can offer to the pet.

Meet-and-Greet: If you have other pets at home, arrange a meet-and-greet session. This allows for a firsthand assessment of how the new pet might fit into your family and ensures compatibility with existing animals.

Yard Check: A quick inspection of your outdoor space is conducted to make sure it’s secure and suitable for the specific needs of the pet.

Donation Fee: Contribute a donation of your choice as the adoption fee. This helps support the rescue organization’s ongoing efforts in rescuing and caring for animals.

By following these steps, we aim to promote responsible pet ownership and ensure that each pet finds a loving and suitable forever home.

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To begin, visit our shelter or browse our available dogs online. Once you find a dog you’re interested in, you can either fill out an adoption application on our website or complete one in person at our facility.

While specific requirements may vary, generally, you will need to provide proof of identity, agree to a home visit if requested, and meet certain criteria, such as being over 18 years old and having a stable living situation that allows for pet ownership.

Many shelters encourage multi-pet households, but it’s essential to consider the compatibility of your current pets with the new addition. Some shelters may require a meet-and-greet between the prospective adoptee and your existing pets to ensure they get along.

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