We don’t know if it was her mommy or her daddy that she got this coat from, but she’s the softest dog! Bailey breaks our heart when we go out to the property because she hates being in her kennel and away from people. She would make a great family dog. She’s a little bouncy when we first get her out and she really wants to just drag us up to the car and get out of there, but once she is out for a few minutes she calms down and is ready for a nice walk.

If you can believe it, Bailey escaped the euthanasia list at one of our local shelters by coming out to the property. Now to find her a home where she can have fun, be part of the family, go on walks and car rides, and roam the house and yard all she wants. This girl truly deserves the best!

Bailey did go on a trial run in a home that had a small dog that felt threatened by larger dogs. Little dogs like to snarl and snap at bigger dogs so their presence is known. This can cause issues so we have decided to not adopt to homes with smaller dogs. It’s just not a safe setup. Let’s get Bailey in a home as an only dog or maybe with a dog that is more her size, that is mellow and confident, doesn’t need to be pushy with her or in her face. Bailey will need TIME to adjust, and slow introductions with new dogs. As for people though, she’s goofy for them! And she wants to sit on the couch with you and get in bed with you. You’ll love her companionship ❤️

No cats either, please.

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5 years old


Lab/Pit Mix


Bakersfield, CA


65 pounds

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