Oh how we love this boy! Mac is about 6 years old, 75 lbs of pure love, very sweet and playful. He’s been in a sanctuary setting for the last 3 years and it’s hard to see his little life wasted in a kennel. Now that we have taken the property over and got to really know all these dogs, our priority is to get them into homes asap. Mac here would make such a wonderful family dog!

Seriously, the sweetest dog to everyone he meets. He’s a wiggle butt and always smiling. He loves going on walks, rides great in the car and is GREAT in a home environment. When we first took the property over, we assumed all the dogs out there would be defensive toward other dogs. But they all have surprised us with their potential and dog friendliness! Mac loves going on the pack walks with other dogs. He’s very neutral with them, has no issue when they approach to sniff, and he just thoroughly enjoys being out and around everyone. He’s pretty good on leash, pulls a little at first but then he just falls in line. He’s hops up in the car, he’s good at bath time, he’s quiet and not destructive in the home. He went home with Sundee for a couple weeks and did great! Zero issues with him. He’s also goes potty outside and never went in the house.

He is always happy. 😊

We would love to see him in a home with a yard and with a family who will return the love and loyalty he gives out to others. Other calm, confident dogs shouldn’t be an issue. Just no cats.

If you would like to meet Mac or want more information, pictures, and videos, please let us know!

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75 pounds

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