We don’t know if it was her mommy or her daddy that she got this coat from, but she’s the softest dog! Bailey breaks our heart when we go out to the property because she hates being in her kennel and away from people. She would make a great family dog. She’s a little bouncy […]

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Murphy is a husky/shepherd mix with all the personality! He’s three years old, neutered, and hilarious. He is dog “friendly”, as in he doesn’t lunge or get aggressive toward other dogs at the fence, or on walks but he also gets a little jealous and wants all the attention. We are hoping to match him

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Oh how we love this boy! Mac is about 6 years old, 75 lbs of pure love, very sweet and playful. He’s been in a sanctuary setting for the last 3 years and it’s hard to see his little life wasted in a kennel. Now that we have taken the property over and got to

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